Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Giveaway: Limited Edition Thunderbird Resorts Planner

Christmas Giveaway: Limited Edition Thunderbird Resorts Planner

Since the New year is fast approaching and to count it, it's already 10 days to go as We all gonna welcome 2011. Planner is all around the corner as it would be a must-have for the coming year. Me, as an organized person I make sure to have one for a year to write down my daily activities, appointments or other stuffs. I'm so glad when I learned that Thunderbird Resorts will be giving away Planners and take note, it's a limited edition! So who else don't wanna have it. Of course, I think no one! So I am joining and try my luck to have it. 

Just a glimpse for the much awaited planner...

The Planner for the Planet.

Start the year right with their Limited Edition Thunderbird Resorts 2011 Planner.
One thing I'd like with Thunderbird Resorts Limited edition planner...

It is printed on Recycled Paper and comes with Green Tips & Quotes on every spread. Another is, you get to save your most important dates or notes, you also get to contribute to the environment! I'm a nature lover so It's really nice to know that though. :)

Plus, you have Free Postcards of the hotels.
Here's how to get a chance:

They’re giving out Two (2) Planners. And ALL you have to do is:
Note: Only comments from followers with valid links will be considered as valid.
  • Winners will be announced on December 29, 2010. An email will be sent to the Winners which will include instructions on how to claim the prize.
It's a Nice Christmas giveaway! 


Friday, December 10, 2010

Hiruscar, the best for scars!

The Product Overview
Hiruscar is known as a “2 in 1 Revolutionary system” scar care product that is quick absorbing non-greasy and film-free clear gel that helps reduce scar visibility. Hiruscar contains MPS combined with Alium Cepa together with four more elements that reduce excessive tissues from forming. It also penetrates deep into the skin to regulate the regeneration of collagen to smoothen and soften scar tissue.

It also improves and dissipates wounds naturally while softening thick marks. In order to see the best results, treatment should be  used continuous for a period of 4-6 months.

Treatment times can also vary depending on the extent or condition, size, type, severity and age of the scars themselves.

What's good about this product is that it has natural ingredients namely Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 to moisturize, and to protect scar from ultraviolet rays, and to lighten the color skin tissue to restore it to a soften and more natural appearance.

Use Hiruscar to treat skin affected with scars or even prevent them from appearing in various causes such as operation, accident, burning, pimple inflammation, chicken pox and thyrotrophic and keloid scars.

*  Hiruscar can improve skin flawed with scars such as surgery marks by softening them.
*  To lessen black marks from inflamed pimple scars and bringing smoothless back to your skin.
*  To prevent the onset of bulging red scars that usually appear after wounds have just healed.

Directions to Use: 
Gently apply Hiruscar on closed wounds 2-3 times a day. For facial use, apply the gel before applying moisturizer or make upfor more effective absorbance.
For old scars that are thick and bulging, massage the affected area for 2-3 minutes, 3-4 times a day, and continue to do this for approximately 4-6 months.
* To prevent fresh wounds from leaving scars, once the wound has closed, apply Hiruscar continuouslyy for 4-8 weeks.
* 6-8 weeks of continuous treatment is suggested for surgery and acne marks.
* 8 weeks of continuous treatment is suggested for burns from fires, exhaust pipes or hot water.

The maker:
Hiruscar is manufactured by Medinova Switzerland--a member of the renowned DKSH group and as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Medinova is dedicated to provide an innovative health care solutions that will improve quality of life for its consumers.

Hiruscar is available at all Mercury Drugstores and other leading drugstores in two sizes:
5g tube          (Php 319.00)
20g tube        (Php 852.00)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
* Does Hiruscar have long term side effects?
Answer: Hiruscar has undergone rigorous testing. Reaserch shows that Hiruscar does not cause any Htpoallergenic irritation.
* What about my old scars? Can you suggest treatment to treat old scars?
Answer: If treated properly immediately after a scar has fully closed, there is normally less of a chance of wounds leaving scars. For scars that are older than 6 months, please consult with your dermatologist to find out the category of the scar and the best way to treat it.
* My skin is extremely sensitive. Can I still use Hiruscar on it?
Answer: Research has clearly shown that Hiruscar scar treatment product causes no irritation and is suitable for all skin types. Hiruscar is even safe for children to use.
* How do I prevent dark marks from appearing after my wounds have healed?
Answer: Taking Vitamin A and E together with a scar treatment product will help restore the condition of the skin and boost cell replacement productivity for faster scar recovery.
* Why did my scar take such a long time to disappear compared to my friend's scar which vanished so quickly, even though they were caused by the same thing?
Answer: Though scars may have the same cause, the time it takes for scars to fade varies depends on our bodies' mechanisms. Some people may have wounds and not have any scars after. Others might have bulging scars or black marks. 

Any Scar problems? Mag-Hiruscar na!

You may visit http://www.hiruscar.com for further information about the products.
Did you know that...
Hiruscar has ongoing contest aside from this blooging contest, it's called Lucky Commenter contest! Its a daily contest in which the Admin of Hiruscar Facebook post a photo and caption with 3 magic numbers. The 3 lucky commenter who posted the caption and marked as the indicated number wins. 

"With Hiruscar, you have no regrets, and no scars."
 Comments #7, #16 and # 31 win!

Note: In the example given above, the 7th, 16th and 31st commenters who posted “With Hiruscar, you have no regrets, and no scars.” will win the contest for the day.

So wanna join? Simply add Hiruscar Philippines on Facebook to join and be a lucky commenter-winner. Good Luck! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas: Yuletide Giveaway from House of Flair

House of Flair is an e-commerce website that carries US brands that are not locally available. They offered products from Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Amazon.com, Ulta, and other stores that are usually unobtainable to Filipino shoppers are what the House of Flair offers. We can practically pre-order anything from any US website and HOF would gladly bring them right at our doorstep. Isn't it so nice?! So convenient and accessible to get our needs with House of Flair on our side. 
Pieces of a Wunderkind's Mind has ongoing contest: A Very Merry Christmas: Yuletide Giveaway through the kindness and generosity of House of Flair (as a sponsor). They are giving away 3 Sets of Goodies for the lucky reader and follower. 

Set 1: HOF Discount Card 15%, White Victoria’s Secret thong in Medium, MAC Eyeshadow in Cobalt, Kate Somerville Deluxe Sample Protect SPF 55 Serum Sunscreen
Set 2: HOF Discount Card 15%, French Navy Victoria’s Secret thong in XS, MAC Lipglass in Quicktease, Smashbox Deluxe Sample Photo Finish Targeted Pore & Line Primer
Set 3: HOF Discount Card 15%, Silver Sucker Victoria’s Secret thong in Medium, MAC Powder Blush in Shy Pink, Kat Von D Deluxe Sample High Voltage Eye Primer

Here's how to win those awesome goodies:
1. Add the House of Flair as a contact in your Multiply account.
*NoteFor those who do not have a Multiply account , you may LIKE them on Facebook, instead, by clicking here.
 2. Follow them in Networked Blogs. You can do that by simply clicking “Pieces Of A Wunderkind’s Mind” on the badge in my sidebar or by clicking here.
3. Write a short note/journal/blog telling HOF what your favorite product or album in HOF's site is and why. Entry should include the products name, the album where you found it, and your explanation on choosing it. 
4. After doing steps 1-3, Go back here (to their post) and in the comments section, provide them the link of your entry so they could validate it. But make sure that the entry should be visible to EVERYONE. 
Note: Without this step, you will not be included in the raffle (since HoF will not be able to verify your entry) so please do link back. By the way, as per HoF It's a ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ONLY. 
5. Promo period is from December 6, 2010 until December 15, 2010. Entries written before the 6th and after 15th will be deemed invalid. 
6. Lucky winners will be chosen via a Random.org and will be announced on Pieces of A Wunderkind's Mind on December 16, 2010. A participant can only win once. The lucky winners will be notified via e-mail. 
7. HoF will be sending the prizes to the winners' addresses for Free! They will have to contact the lucky winners for their necessary shipping details so please do not forget to leave your email address in the corresponding area in the comments section. 
8. Prizes are absolutely authentic, brand new and brought directly from US. They will shipped by HoF in an excellent condition. 
9. Promo is open to all Philippine residents only.

Tip: It really pays to read carefully and understand the instructions well! Good Luck! :))

My Entry:

To be honest? There are so may products to choose from those albums of HoF but I must say that I love everything in NAILS-Sephora which includes all stuffs for nail care. Why? Simply because me and my mom love to use different nail polish colors to match our oufits in different ocassions or gathering. We like to make fun use of different colors that sometimes according to our moods. In terms of Nail care, my mom is very particular with it, she always buys some stuffs for nail care. In fact, we do not go to any salons to have foot spa but instead we do it at home which started when my mom purchased a unit. I'm planning to buy some nail polish as a gift for my mom this coming Christmas. 

I'd like to win one of those 3 goodies as an early gift not for myself but for my sister who deserves a treat like that, for she always focused on taking care of her 3 kids alone because her hubby is working overseas. I admire her that she managed to do her responsibilities and raising her kids well. :)
That's me with my sister! =)