Monday, March 7, 2011

The True Essence of being a Woman

For me, the true essence of being a woman aside from maintaining the beauty inside and out is having a courage to face life being a mother and be strong enough by nurturing another human being to live in this world and willing to carry out the responsibility beneath it. Conceiving a life into a womb for 9 months isn't easy plus to consider the discomforts and back pains during the entire pregnancy, more so if it's a time to bring him into the real world while going through a so called "laboring pain". But at the end of all those pains and sacrifices, hearing the first cry and seeing a wonderful blessing from our creator for the very first time-- a child, makes you realized that it's all worth it. I haven't experience all those things because I'm not on that chapter of life yet I know in God’s perfect time it will come to let me experience how great it is to be a mother. Though as a Nurse, I have assisted a lot of mothers in bringing out a new life and have seen them in tears of joy as I always observed and realized how grateful and blessed they are of having a gift of life. In fact sometimes, i feel so empathetic that I would just noticed some tears falling down from my eyes when I see and hold the baby and put into the mother's tummy to facilitate a bond. Maybe it's just a happiness for other people and been excited for them. Or maybe at the back of my mind, I'm excited yet with fear for myself when it's about time for me to face a new chapter of my life and see myself lying on the bed at delivery room in pain yet someone is there beside me while comforting and assuring me that life could be as wonderful as it is if it's complete. Indeed, having a child and raising him in a good family ties with due respect and fear to God is more than having any luxurious things in this world that nothing can compares to the real happiness it may bring. Being a caring mother, a loving wife, a responsible parent and being the real you is the real essence of being a woman that nobody could even ask for more. :))

Happy WOMEN's Day to ALL Fabulous Women out there! :)

Just a review: Summer is here once again. :)

I really love to travel and explore be it here around our country or abroad (a dream yet) and maybe that is why i do like "Dora the Explorer" I feel her character in the real world. Funny but true-blue! I love adventure, discover and learn new things and Meet new friends as well with different cultures and beliefs in life. Life has really a lot of things to offer so I always make sure to try and taste every bit of this “smooth-sweet life” and of course grab every opportunity that has come my way. Just like everyone, I want to live and enjoy life to the fullest! 

In this year, so far my best escapade is when I together with my aunt and cousins explored the beauty of North particularly in Ilocos. Yes! We tasted the best Empanada and Longganisa in town, moved around the Heritage village in Vigan on a “calesa” tour. We have seen the corpse (wax?!) of former President Ferdinand Marcos while we visited their ancestral house in Batac. We enjoyed sight seeing from the top of Cape Bojeador Lighthouse—a cultural heritage structure in Burgos, Ilocos Norte which was established during the Spanish Colonial period. It was also known as the highest lighthouse in our country. What's the most great of all is, we were able to visit and see the "Giant Electric Fan" *wink* as what my niece called to the 15 Windmills in coastal town of Bangui. So amazing Wind Power Project and as it was known as “The First Wind Farm in Southeast Asia”. We also visited different old churches which are part of the history and among the major attractions of the province like Paoay Church, Bantay Church, and Vigan Cathedral.

Since its summer then, we welcome summer there in Pagudpod where you could see lots of nice beaches. We enjoyed beach hopping. We first stayed at Hannah's Beach Resort & Convention Center and at Saud Beach Resort and Hotel on the other day both is uber beautiful beach I've ever been w/ its clean & clear, turquoise water. So peaceful place and not that crowded a great place to chillax. 

My cousin enjoying the good ambiance by the beach. =)

By the way, those two both offered the best service and amenities. Definitely, it's a Boracay in the North. :)) I really recommend it to all. Super Nice! Indeed, It's a 3-day fun-filled great experience of adventure. It was almost a half-day trip yet all the waiting is definitely worth it. 

We are the Beach Bums! Obviously, we do really love beach! :)

PAGUD-PAGUD & PUD-PUD. un lang! =)

So glad I'd been into one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit.  
VIGAN + PAGUDPUD. I really love the place, the foods and of course the nice people we've met there.

How about you? What's your most travel escapade? Kindly share us, too. We'll be glad to hear about it. :))