Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm an Outback winner! :)

Last week, Outback Sea had contest in their Facebook Fan Page, it's like a guessing game about something NEW that's happening at Outback Sea and the first 3 to guess it right will gonna win a 1,500Php Outback GCs! After I think it's 2 days, I was surprised when I visit the Outback's site. Yipeeee! I was so lucky to be one of the winner. :)
Awhile ago, I dropped by into Outback-Acropolis Libis to get my prize. I feel so glad meeting Ms. Vanessa Calimlim (Outback Marketing Manager) and her staffs. They are so accommodating and friendly. In fact while I was waiting for my GC as they're preparing for it, they gave me some refreshments and even offered something to eat. I want to, but I'm too shy for Honestly, I haven't dine in yet in any Outback branch but as what I observed and encountered, they really know how to value their customers which is so good. They are service oriented indeed, which is really nice! So now, I'm seeing that my future experience with Outback will be an awesome one. I can't wait to use my GCs and experience the best steak in town (as what most people say). Oh well, I might use it on a special occasion maybe, with the special person in my life... my everdearest Mom! Maybe on Hearts Day, I'm gonna date her then I think that's the best time to use it. It would be memorable since it's my first time at Outback and a special date with my mom. 

My Prize! :)

Again, Thanks Outback team! Keep it up! I wish I had picture taken with you but too bad, my phone was drained and my digicam was not in my bag. :( But I know there will be next time though. :)

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As soon as I experience the great things in Outback Steakhouse, I'll be back here to tell you about it. =)

For Outbackers out there, here's something you really have to LOOK forward and it's PRETTY SOON! So you better keep yourself posted. :)

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  1. wow.. congrats are so lucky huh! so kelan tayo kain sa outback? treat mko.. lolz..

  2. Thanks Ate Grace! :)

    Thanks Ate Jingke! So kelan ang next payday mo? Sked ka na! Tara! libre mu na ko. hehehe